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- About Alexia's Garden -

       Alexia was my first born. She was born in the month of February 2009, the coldest month of the year but to me she brought warmth and sunshine. She was a happy, healthy and shy child. She loved spending time outdoors and playing with her friends. She loved to draw and create things whether it'd be with lego blocks or sticks and leaves. She could make anything. She loved nature. She'd spend part time playing on the playground and the rest of the time holding my hand, walking through the grass and picking flowers. Her favorite flowers were Roses. She even called herself "Rosie" because of her love for them. Alexia was and still is my Life. In the summer of August 2016  a tragedy happened. She suffered an Aneurysm. She fought for her life for almost one month before she passed away. My life will never be the same. And so my dear Alexia,  as my legacy to you I have started this flower business, Alexia's Garden. I named it after you and the place where I would always find you;
God's garden had a need of a little flower.
It had grown for a time here below.
But in tender love, He took it above.
In more favorable time to grow. 
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